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EcoBlu Stainless Steel UVC Ultraviolet

RM 1,000.00


When you install EcoBlu UVC Ultraviolet Series, the UVC Light is an effective product to kill Algae, microbes and other bacteria that pass through from the stainless steel tube as a result to maintain bacteria free and purified water. It can kill more than 99% of bacteria and viruses to protect humen's health. UVC Ultraviolet can kill algae that causes green water in your fish pond. These UVC Ultraviolet Shell of lamps is made of high quality stainless Steel 316. EcoBlu UVC Light suitable for concrete fish pond, fibreglass tank and pools application


Model: SSUV-17w/SSUV-28w/SSUV-40w
Code: L-6328/L-6340/L-6384
Material: Stainless Steel 316
Recommeded Size: >6000 liter/>13,000 liter/>20,000 liter
Water Pump (L/H): 1000/2000/2800
Inlet & Outlet: 1/2", 3/4", 3/4"
Watt: 17w/28w/40w
Cable: 2 Meter

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