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EcoBlu Overhead Jet Nozzle FQ Series

RM 1,800.00


EcoBlu FQ Series overhead jet nozzle. These special overhead jet nozzle for impressive fountain high work of the water level. These single spray nozzle straight through flow,uses the negative pressure which the high velocity becomes, it is suitable for using it as the centre nozzle of the floating fountain.


Model: FQ-30/FQ-40/FQ-60
Code: N-1300/N-1350/N-1380
Material: Stainless Steel, Electroplate, Copper
Joint size: 3", 4", 6""
Pressure water (bar): 1-3.0/1-4.0/3-6.0
Discharge water (L/min): 500-1000/600-1500/800-2700
Fountain height: 5-10m/5-15m/10-35m

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