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EcoBlu DMX LED RF Series

RM 1,450.00


The EcoBlu DMX Controller and DMX RF Series Sport Light has a Concise and Smart appearance design. The LED has to provide a fantastic light effect and incomparable low power consumption in your fountain, pool and garden design. DMX LED Controller output signal is international standard. It not only can control all the LED light in the market as long as can receiving the standard DMX signal. DMX LED Controller is easy to operate with a LCD screen. Available with wireless control and keying control on the changing modes, speed and brightness, automatic timing and more than 30 modes for your choices. Supporting changing pause function, very easy to keep the specific colour.


Model: DMX RF-09s/DMX RF12s
Code: L-3012DMX/L-3013DMX
Material: Stainless Steel 
LED: 4 x 3w/5 x 3w
Color: RGB
Voltage: AC/12V-24V
Cable: 5 Meter
Water Proof Protection: IP68

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