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ENG HIN AQUATICS SDN BHD, the company of specialty wholesaler for Fish Pond, Aquarium, Fountain, Lanscape, Garden Products and service of central region founded since 1992. Our company is mainly specializes in various types of aquatics products such as Pond pump, Air pump, Bio filter systems, Filter Media, Pond UV, Fountain Nozzle. LED Light, Chillers, Ultrasonic Atomizer, Plastic and Fibre Tank etc.

Today, ENG HIN AQUATICS SDN BHD has become one of the leading companies in Pond field. The company has endorsement a wide range equipment in Brands such as BETTAS, EHK, EcoBlu, HAGEN, LifeTech, JEBO, HAILEA, Tsunami, DAB Nova, MEPCATO etc. 

ENG HIN AQUATICS SDN BHD's mission statement, "Strive for quality service and products for consumers", while offering a wide range of product that able to meet today market need as well as enhancing your business.